Pokemon Go Plus vs Apple Watch: Which is better for ‘Pokemon Go’ enthusiasts?

“Pokemon Go” support for the Apple Watch has officially launched on Dec. 22, Thursday. The app comes with several key features that allow wearers to play the game without having to bring out their phone but in several ways the cheaper Pokemon Go Plus accessory is the better choice.

The app is free to download but the Apple Watch costs over $200. In comparison, the Pokemon Go Plus costs only $35. Both items can collect items from PokeStops and both can be used to track Pokemon and distance travelled. The Pokemon Go Plus can only track if it has been paired with the phone app.

According to IGN, the main differences between the Pokemon Go Plus and Apple Watch lie with the former’s ability to catch Pokemon and how notifications work. Because the Pokemon Go Plus has no screen, it can only notify wearers using vibrations and an LED light.

When the accessory vibrates and lights up in green, it means there is a Pokemon nearby. Pressing the button will allow the player to catch the Pokemon. If the accessory vibrates and glows blue, it means there is a PokeStop and pressing the button will let the player collect the available items.

The Apple Watch can identify when Pokemon nearby, even those the player has never encountered before, but it cannot be used to catch Pokemon. Players will still have to take out their phone and use the official phone app to catch the Pokemon.

One of the main advantages of the Apple Watch, on the other hand, is that it can be synchronized with the device’s other health and fitness apps, Time reported. The device can be used as a pedometer and this feature can also be used to hatch Pokemon eggs.

This would make the Pokemon Go Plus a better option for players aiming to spend less and to be able to catch Pokemon without having to use their phones. The Apple Watch is a better option for those who aim to play and benefit from health and fitness apps at the same time and are not bothered by the need to still use their phones to catch Pokemon. Source: Yibada

The official trailer for “Pokemon Go” can be viewed below:


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