Microsoft Surface Studio Review: Good Or Bad?

Surface Studio is a very recent Microsoft device, and it caught us off our guards. It’s a large device that maintains the original concept of a Surface device (initially meant as a literal table). It’s a tool for graphics designers and professionals alike but let’s see what the pros and cons are.

Surface Studio is a All-in-One PC with Surface device additions meaning that it’s one massive touchscreen that you can compliment with a stylus. You can see how this would be a huge advantage to someone looking to paint or draw something.

It’s a gorgeous device regarding aesthetics, and the massive display is supported thanks to its aluminum legs and an insanely high-quality screen. If you’re a casual user, you can use the big screen to just throw windows around or take notes or just read the news in a fancy way, but you probably won’t want to buy it just for this.

Performance Is Amazing

You’d think such a massive device would have performance problems, but for this kind of price, it’s not supposed to. The Surface Studio comes with an insane 4K display, a 128 GB SSD (multiple versions of storage) and a 2 TB hard disk drive. Now the device comes with 32 GB of RAM which is insane, the ability to do 4K video playback with ease and it can render dozens of tabs too. Minecraft runs at the finest settings.

Surface Dial Is Not That Cool

One of the key selling points that Microsoft tried to push is the Surface Dial that’s a small cap that you put anywhere on the screen and rotate like a scroll wheel. People find it fun to use but not practical when you have a pen. It’s also $100, so it’s quite pricey, to an already expensive PC. It’s like you’re paying $100 just to be able to zoom or scroll because that’s what most apps use the Surface Dial for.

The Price Is Insane

Being a tool for professionals, it’s no wonder that it’s so expensive. To get a Surface Studio, you’ll have to whip out an insane $3,000 plus an eventual $129.99 for the Surface keyboard, $49.99 for a Surface Mouse and eventually $100 for a Surface Dial. It makes sense that it’s so expensive given the market for it and given how high tech it is but it does throw a lot of people off.

In essence, this device is quite amazing in many ways, and Microsoft has done some work on it. It’s going to start shipping next year, and a lot of designers are excited because of that.

If the price doesn’t throw you off, then it’s an amazing device, and it feels authentic in a way. Obviously, it’s not meant for the average consumer which makes sense given the expansion of Microsoft towards business. How do you feel about the Surface Studio? Is it a device worth buying? Let us know by leaving a comment. Source: Androidorigin


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