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12 Google Earth Discovered Something Terrifying

Google Earth enables us to explore the world from the comfort of our armchairs – in ways that previous generations could only dream about. Moreover, after the novelty of zooming down on our own houses wears off, many of us begin exploring further afield – and that’s when things start to get really interesting. Sure, we’ve discovered some amazing things, but we’ve also come across some scary or weird stuff – and these 12 images are cases in point.


The Kraken, the well-known mythical Nordic sea monster, appears to have migrated to Antarctica; at least, that’s what this terrifying Google Earth image suggests. And while it’s difficult to make head or tail of the thing, at least sailors know exactly which stretch of sea to avoid – which, if you’re wondering, is just south-west of Deception Island.


The huge face in the clay in Alberta, Canada, is known as the “Badlands Guardian” or, for obvious reasons, the “Indian Head.” And although it might look as though it’s been carved by hand, this near-perfect formation – which faces due west – is actually solely the work of Mother Nature.

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